Provincial Sustainability

P.E.A.R. continues to take active steps to become a financially independent and self-sustaining Province. Sustainability must be seen as a holistic term -- focusing on both financial and human capacity building (i.e. raising funds and raising up leaders). Initiatives include income-generating capital investments, such as commercial buildings available for rent, and a focus on pastoral training, all to support the ongoing ministries of the Province.

Walk with Rwanda is a capital fundraising campaign working towards financial sustainability and ministry expansion for the provincial office of the Anglican Church of Rwanda. Rwandan Anglican Capital Investments Ltd. (RACI) is an investment company created by the Anglican Church of Rwanda to provide a legal structure for its investments. RACI invests the church's resources, such as equity and valuable land assets, to create a long-term revenue stream, supporting its essential gospel work in Rwanda.

Archbishop Mbanda, borrowing from his experience in Shyira Diocese, wants to pursue a portfolio of income generating projects. These include an office building, a set of residential apartments, and an investment in a University’s infrastructure which will produce revenue to sustain the Church’s mission.


RACI’s commercial building will be built in Kigali, the capital city in 2019.  The Anglican Church of Rwanda already owns prime commercial land in Kibagabaga, on the Cathedral property of Gasabo Diocese in Kigali.  The proposed building is 3 floors with retail space on the first floor and offices on the second and third. With an expected 17% return on investment, of $85,000 per year, the building will provide a steady rental income and a valuable asset for the province.

There are a number of benefits to this approach:

  1. A portfolio of projects will diversify the overall risk. All the eggs will not be in one basket.

  2. These projects can be implemented in stages, rather than having to build one large investment all at once. We will be able to begin immediately with the funds we already have.

  3. Building in stages will also require far less overall debt, which will mean less money paid in interest and more money supporting ministry.

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